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Artie’s Wedding

by JOEL.
This story takes place between Concession #373 and #374 – after the comic ends, but before the preview of the future.

I must admit I have never snuck into a wedding before. Frat house parties, sure. No challenge there. Secret business meetings, yes, on rare occasions. Shitty music at those things. Once, I snuck into a bar mitzvah, which was shockingly difficult.

The main difference is that in almost all cases of me sneaking into a group setting, I am a relative unknown. Artie’s wedding, however, was different – these were my friends. They could practically recognize me by smell; and Artie was on the look out for me.

It was cute, in a way. Artie literally gave the ushers photos of me to make sure they didn’t accidentally let me in. Of course, Rick was one of the ushers, so one has to question the breadth of Artie’s planning. Still, Rick or not, I couldn’t just walk in, so I decided to go with a disguise.

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