It’s a bit ugly at the moment, but the blog is finally back up.

It’s been a long time since I posted in this, and it spent most of that time completely down, but I hope to actually use it on semi-regular intervals.

The comments on previous entries are still there, although the avatars for comments by the Concession characters may not match who’s actually speaking.

To re-introduce you all to this: This is a blog in which Concession characters write, in-character, stories about their life. They will even reply to your comments, assuming your comments aren’t stupid.


  1. March says:

    NICE! I’m excited to see this, I didn’t get into it before hand. But I will this time!

  2. Empress Leo says:

    Frackin’ swayt! I love Concession. Joel was the awesomerestest!! I look forward to the way they’d interact with fans.

  3. G_Otter_Boi says:

    After al thats happened today, and now THIS?!?!

    Best. Day. Ever

    Thanks, Immy!!!

  4. Mephitus says:

    hmmm…. cant help but wonder; will miranda be able to post?

  5. xXAinSophAurXx says:

    YES!!! I had always wanted to see this!!! Cannot wait to read over these stories at long last!!!

  6. Kitsune says:

    I was sad to see Concession end, but I’m definitely going to be glad to read about what happens now.

  7. Twbviper says:

    Yeeee! Okay, first question I have is for Chelsie:

    OMG, where did you get that fabulous glowing jacket from?!

    2nd question (for Matt):

    What does the power feel like when it courses ( I spelled that wrong somehow) through you? Is it like a kind of warm jolt, like licking static off a screen, or more like a cold numb creeping up your limbs like a chilly night?

    • Sibas says:

      Mitzi I can answer this becusae my family lives down there! You are outside of my color planting schedule by about a month. The trick is, Las Vegas gets so hot in the summer, but you can grow almost all winter long. My book is really for a spring-summer-fall planting schedule. The dates I offer might work for you and others who live in warmer climates, but really have a spring-summer and a fall-winter season. I am very aware of your needs, and it’s on my list of things to research and write about. But honestly, I can’t speak from experience, only from my research. I encourage you to contact your local extension service ( for a recommended planting schedule.

  8. Jesus of Christness says:


  9. Ceterus says:

    Glad the chronicles are back!

  10. Kageneko says:

    Question for Matt and Joel: What happened after the camera panned away from your fight with the preacher and Chelsie (details please!!)???

  11. Bob says:

    Chelsie, have you tried to seduce what’s his name the priest guy Tim?

    • Melody's Muse says:

      well I should hope she hasn’t…she did call him dad and call me crazy but I think Nicole and Rick are filling the incest quota quite well lol

      • Bob says:

        shhh, you’ll ruin the magic, and you do realise that at churches, all the priests and pastors and stuff are referred to as father right? have you seen Chelsie’s new look? does she look like someone who would say father in place of dad?

  12. zack says:

    so it will be back and keep going YES!

  13. Shaloxeroligon says:

    I’m so happy that it’s back! I loved these stories! And I look forward to seeing more of them.

  14. ikittywaffle says:

    I think it’s awesome that this is back up..but I really just can’t get over the fact that it’s all over and done with…I mean, Furthia and Ballerina are awesome..but none of them will have the beautiful storyline and epic events and characters like concession did..

  15. JaydenOblivic says:

    Glad to see it’s gonna be back up. Hopefully this will run well for you, and I hope that everyone can enjoy it~

  16. Leem says:

    Thanks for putting this back, Immy – a lot of us have been waiting avidly to read these. They’ve created a new affection for Nicole in me :)

  17. GoldAnthro says:

    glad to see this is back. thanks immy :)

  18. Time Travellin' Jim says:

    I’m very happy for Chronicles to finally return. Just finished reading, and can’t wait for more!

  19. Kamunt says:

    Your FACE is a stupid comment. I mean, glad to see this back.

  20. Siraj says:

    Man, I’m glad to see this back! *does a happy dance*

  21. Matthew says:

    Matt still has to post!!! He’s too quiet to be a main character. >:(
    And when was he born… just so I know who stole who’s name.

    • Zetrix says:

      No-ones posted yet the this is a RE-launch so all the posts you see were from 2008 and stuff…… yeah :3

  22. Askir says:

    Hmmm…testing testing

  23. Kitsune says:

    I’m curious as to what Artie and Melusine’s baby would have looked like.

  24. Tech says:


  25. Dragonsaia says:

    Thank you Immy for the wonderful and long ride of Concession. I have to admit, now that I’ve finished reading the comic, I feel a bit empty inside. This truly was a masterpiece, and while I can always wish for more, I’m happy to know that you had a good time doing the comic and continuing in your life, and advancing in your art.

    I wish the best of luck to you in whatever you do, and I look forward to seeing what happens with all of it behind them all.

  26. Bob says:

    My straight friend won’t read Concession, what should I do? I’ve tried convinving him, tricking him, forcing him but he just won’t hear it, he’s kinda homophobic, he’s also afraid of shemales

    • Immelmann says:

      You should forget about it. Never force someone to read something they don’t like, especially if you know they don’t like the gay content it’ll contain.