Kate’s Kid Krew

The group of kids around Kate in comic #162 is a group of children with whom she… plays often.

Childhood hypersexuality is considered prime evidence for bipolarity in children. In the real world, it’s estimated that 43% of children suffering from mania also show signs of hypersexuality*. In the Concession world, this behavior is made more overt when it occurs in furry children, who are more prone to suffer from childhood bipolarity than human children are. This unexplained phenomenon has a number of theorized factors, ranging from environmental, genetic defects, inbreeding…

Kate does not abuse children. She doesn’t prey upon them or kidnap them. In her mind, at least.
Kate, rather, find children who are hypersexual and lets them give in to this desire. This is of course terrible for children, and really messes with them later in life.

Kate’s coterie of child partners is as follows:

Barney is a Black Bear. A stout and loud little guy, he often bosses around the other kids. Kate found him on a playground, observing the nature in which he bullied other kids.
Tim is a Platypus, the shyest of all Kate’s kids. He’s also the youngest, still sleeping with pull-ups just in case. He was abandoned by his mother at the door of an orphanage. He’s the least sexual of them all, wanting, more than anything else, to not be alone.
The Pig is named Jeremy, a very playful lad. His mother is a prostitute, his father murdered.
A Bobcat named Cody was the original partner of Kate. His lust almost rival’s Chelsie, and was able to seduce at least six elementary school teachers before being caught.
Marcus is the Snow Leopard, and is Kate’s favorite. He was the second fur to join the club. His parents split up in a divorce, and he went to his father who soon became an alcoholic. This allows him to spend a lot of time at Kate’s house without being missed.
The Hyena is Max. He’s the biggest evidence of the bipolar disorder that is typical of the children, going from violent to blissful in a matter of minutes.
Dan is the Bat. Another example of bipolarity, jumping easily between stony silence to eager, hyper energy, flapping around the room.
And, of course, there is Chelsie, the newest addition.

* Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology [PDF] 2002 Vol. 12


  1. QuetzaDrake says:

    Interesting, hon, I see I was able to help you after all with figuring out why these kids are so damn sexual. ;3

  2. Insignificance says:

    I shared the exact same symptoms as the kids in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology [PDF] 2002 Vol. 12. Except I never molested anyone or anything. But I was sexual at a young age…

  3. S.G.D. says:

    Very interesting. And I’ve learned more about both the Concession world and my own world in one fell swoop.

  4. Shaloxeroligon says:

    I’m glad that Kate’s not a predator. Although, I still don’t approve of her methods.

  5. Matrix says:

    Well, she’s not a predator in her mind that is…

    I liked this one.

  6. pacmanjames says:

    what about kate what makes kate kate?

    • Immelmann says:

      A mixture of genetics and environment as a child. That’s what makes everybody anybody.

    • Heathen says:

      Except of course, for me. I am made of sunshine and rainbows. Obviously.

  7. Niryx says:

    Immy your mind never runs out of perverted sexual jokes and material does it? Well nice work.

  8. Tsuusetsu says:

    immy, you never fail to impress me with…..lots of very funny violence and sexual acts, good work, keep it up

  9. Salem Jansen says:

    A very… interesting background story.
    Immelmann, do you ever fun out of funny? It seems impossible right now.

    Keep it up, vill ‘ya?

  10. Bobkiller Killerbob says:

    That’s some.. crazyness. If I didn’t know any better I swear I would have been hypersexual.. but I dunno. Haha. Sounds weird though… to think about that. Messed up families bring that about, no?

    • Immelmann says:

      Like many psychological disorders, I think bipolarity is a mix between genetic imbalance and environmental (family) problems.

      • Bobkiller Killerbob says:

        Yeah. I kinda know that. *is Bipolar himself* Runs in my mom’s family ^^

        But wait… so.. Kate dosn’t think that she herself is a pedofile? Because technicly she is “one of those child F-ing freaks” As she so blaintly put it…./

        That’s just weird…

        • In the field of psycology it is commonly seen that when one knows of their own “condition” that they think worse of others who hold that same condition, therebye creating an alibi for themselves and causing self deseption into thinking that they are the just of those who hold the same condition

      • Vixxy loves her Foxxy says:

        Immy, you’re absolutely right. *is bipolar along with bipolar friends and mommy* -.- but yeah… I’m on three different meds: one for bipolar, one for depression, and one for ADHD. Wonderful combo, don’t chya think? Very few people can actually put up with my mood swings, but thankfully my boyfriend (who… “converted” me to furry-ism, I suppose) can, along with a few of the girls in my equine class… Strange that I’m in a class devoted to horses when I’m a fox… hmm… Oh well. *shrugs*

        What was I talking about? … *reads back what she wrote* Oh yeah, bipolar. haha my friend Sam (lesbian/tranny boy/completely mental) has major bipolar moments. She attacked our other friend Tyler for throwing a snowball at her at-the-time girlfriend, then was cracking up laughing at something really random… o_O I love her though

        • Darky says:

          Vixxy you an i have the same thing but i was only on one med that did all of it. and also for sleeping problems hmm damn i cant rember the name, but ya i alos have bipolar adhd a chemical insensible in my brain and insomnia.

  11. Xader says:

    WoW. I readthe pdf…. it explains alot……………. Damn! …*gives immy a cookie* ….. lemme get back to reading this…..intresting…

    Dan teh bat sounds so cute…. id rape him ^^

  12. Glitch says:

    Bats are always fun, so nice and leathery feeling…Though I wait till they’re grown up…as for Kate’s favorite she’s got good taste mhm Snow Leopards they have such soft, pretty coats and barbed penises. Dear seems my brain only thinks of sex at um…four in the morning

    • Immelmann says:

      Barbed? Naw. Furries in Concession have human-like equipment. No barbs, no knots.

      • chelonianmobile says:

        They don’t? Aww, I was hoping for a scene stolen from another webcomic where someone sees a lizard guy naked for the first time and wigs out, to which lizard responds: “What, is something wrong with one of my penises?”

        (Actually in the comic I stole that from it was an alien guy, not a lizard, but the same gag could apply. Animal biology is fun.)

  13. Alex says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  14. Nicholas says:

    Oh Kate…
    I do hope that the children get the support they need.
    Sincerely, Nicholas

  15. Dirk says:

    Your post Concession Chronicles » Blog Archive » Kate’s Kid Krew was very interesting when I found it over google on Saturday by my search for kate playground. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  16. Rain The Foxboi says:

    Well…. I’m…. amazed to say the least. Uhm… I still don’t think that makes it right to sleep with a child, though it does explain a whole Hell of a lot about my childhood. ^_^

  17. e_voyager says:

    i can’t really say i understand or condone this kind of behavior. but then as i’m not a very sexual being perhaps you know somethings i don’t about the subject. on word of advice though, regardless of your views trying to force them on others will just bring you pain. i learn this through experience over the span of a fairly decent life so far.

    • Misha says:

      Thank you, I’ve recently been serichang for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

  18. Amelia says:

    Hypersexual..? HELL, no wonder I went looking for porn at 11 years old. Funny contrast now, though, I’m borderline asexual! And like many other posters, my mom is bipolar. *sigh* Crazy woman. Seriously. Had to be put away for several months. Currently on the lam in the States. Least she’s far away, now.

  19. Johnc739 says:

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