By KELLY. To take place some time after comic #149.

The thing about conversation for me is that once I get into it, I have no trouble and no awkwardness. It’s the starting of a conversation that’s the hard part.

But, I managed to start, or rather, she did. I had her attention, and the rest fell together. Simple questions! That’s all it takes, really. School, work, hobbies, current events. Try to save politics for the third date, always with protection of course.

As it turns out, Emily, a real cutie of a fox girl, went to the same school as Angie did, studying fashion. I suppose she’s going to the school for “frivolous arts”, but please don’t tell her I said that.

She and I were both done with classes for the day – lucky, huh? – and I implored her to catch a late lunch with me, and though apparently taken aback by how forward I was, she seemed to happily agree. We made a light meal of sharing a salad.

“So this Kurt Vonnegut fellow,” I said, leisurely waving around a forkful of lettuce. “Writes some pretty weird stuff, doesn’t he.”
“Well,” she said, discretely playing with the string hanging from the edge of her book’s mark, “He did. Sorta died, though. Hard to write when you’re dead.”
“Pssh. That’s no excuse. He’s just lazy.”
“Think you can do better, postmortem? C’mon, there’s a bridge nearby. I’ll toss in a typewriter after you.”
“I’ll haunt the crap out of you.”

The conversation did not stop or slow down – I clicked with this girl, plain and simple. She was smart and she was quick, and she carried with her a gentle sarcasm, used not for spite but just for entertainment.

We didn’t live far from each other, but from the tiny cafe at which we ate, we had to part ways. I resisted all urges to kiss her cheek and settled for the slightly-awkward handshake she offered. She had very soft paws. We traded numbers and screen names, which was embarrassing for me as I had to take my cellphone out to tell her my own phone number. Hell if I can remember.

And so we separated, only to catch each other online later in the evening. The fox kept me up all night, though not necessarily online or by phone.


  1. QuetzaDrake says:

    Nice banter between you two. Nice, quick wit. Something I certainly wish I had. :O

    Glad you two are doing so well!

  2. pacmanjames says:

    what a night! best of luck for you two.

  3. Shaloxeroligon says:

    I’m glad for you two. She seems like a good person.

  4. Big Red Pharaoh says:

    I’m happy that you’re happy!

    The initial uncertainty must’ve been murder. o_e
    Glad things turned in your favor.

    May this be the beginning of something really cool for both of you.

  5. Firebat says:

    Don’t worry: I can’t remember my cell phone number either.

  6. Zenardz says:

    Heck i dont have a cell phone X3 Nice going with the conversation!~ hard to actually make one stay alive X3

  7. FenrirXIII says:

    Aye, I’m dang lucky if I can keep a conversation alive at any length thinking that fast… She definitely seems like the girl for you! Go for it!

  8. An Cat Dubh says:

    Something like that happened to me once. I found a very, very sweet girl and talked to her for a long time the first time we spoke. She was absolutely adorable, with a good sense of humour, very good character, and, of course, good-looking. And she lived only app. 45 min. away. Pity she’s a lesbian… Bah. Had I a nickle for every super-promising start I’d had… I could afford /owning/ a hooker.

  9. Salem Jansen says:

    However strange it seems to me; if it makes you happy, go for it.

    “I’ll haunt the crap out of you.”

    That was amazing wit.

  10. Kete Fox says:

    Congrats =3 Hope things go well!

  11. Cooljoe224 says:

    Dear Kelly

    How often do you dye your hair? cause some times its red and sometimes it balck, just wondering.

  12. e_voyager says:

    good for you i’m glad things are working out