Hey there! Welcome to Concession Chronicles!

This will be a collection of short stories involving the characters of Concession. It will be used to provide insight, back-stories, and will fill gaps in the narrative for which there simply is not time in Concession. Most of the entries will be written in first-person perspective by a cast member, and every story will be canon.

Additionally, there will be world info and some insightful fan-mails, and other tiny essays by or about the characters.

There will be no fixed update schedule, but i will try to put something up every week.

Feel free to leave comments! They will be answered in-character by the poster of the entry. I can’t reply to every single comment, and sometimes a character simply wont have anything to say in response, so don’t feel bad please.


  1. WhiteTestement says:

    i can finally leran about your characters!!1

    well good job so far on the comic OH

    and i Now pronounce you…


  2. Zalno says:

    I think this is a great idea. It gives people the opportunity to learn more about the characters, and it gives a bit of interactivity, there. I’m interested to see how this will develop.

  3. Wolf Nanaki says:

    I really like this idea. I think it’s awesome how you can branch out with your webcomic and do creative things like this with it. :)

  4. Freelancer says:

    Making this site is a great idea. I hope to see more stories soon. Greetings from Poland ;]

  5. £Ø§Ð says:

    THis seem’s like a great new addition to your sight.

  6. Shaloxeroligon says:

    I’m glad you thought this up, Mr. Immelmann.

  7. ViewtifulTj says:

    So far, I’m liking this new addition. It adds that special something to the storyline. I can’t wait for the next update!

  8. Salem Jansen says:

    Reading the chronicles is always fun. GUD JERB.

  9. pacmanjames says:

    This was a good idea :D

  10. Lizardskin says:

    ‘V’ Finally. I was worried i was missing alot because occasionally the comics didn’t make sense, but now i found this place *clap clap*

  11. Lizardskin says:

    I’m curious, is there a place to like, Roleplay or post stories of our own Fersonas?

  12. KeatonXZX says:

    Wow, what a good idea! This is the first time I’ve checked this out since I looked at this site a while ago.

  13. Rooster says:

    IMMELMAN YOU FRICKEN RULE!!! You are THE BEST, man! Nad concession is a true work of art!

  14. technogeek_99 says:

    This comic is genius!

  15. J-Man says:

    i can finally understand things now that i’ve found concession comics about a month ago
    and by the way immelman, you r the one who has inspired me to animate

  16. J-Man says:

    to TRY to animate

  17. Estarrol says:

    Same as J-man, your works are very well detailed yet very easy to create! i was already a slow drawers, and tend to try constantly edit my character’s look to make it more realistic and better, yet when you take a step back it looks bad. Btw I loved Last Exile, and when i saw your profile nickname i was like OMG LAST EXILE FAN!!!!!!

    Btw how can we post guest artwork? / do you AD for new webcomics?

  18. e_voyager says:

    cool ideal i’ll be reading this as i catch up in the archives