More Hot Skunk-on-Pangolin Action

This story contains rather adult situations.

So, in my last entry, Nicole had took me on a “date”, as it were, and it ended with the two of us naked. Did I mention we were naked on Joel’s bed? That wasn’t a first for either of us, mind you.

We, Nicole and I that is, spent the next few days IMing and texting, gay stuff like that. It rather quickly devolved into dirty photos from cellphone to cellphone, eventually graduating to a steamy evening with Nicole’s webcam while Joel was out… doing… something. Or someone? I didn’t ask.

Weekends are pretty tame around campus, so I was thrilled to be invited over Nicole’s house for a small party. I usually hate parties – loud, lots of strangers – but it wound up being a very relaxed affair. I met Cecil, friendly cheetah boy who spent the whole party shirtless. There was the bat, Anthony… seemed like he was trying too hard, but I suppose he was nice. There was also Kevin, a snow leopard, who is a friend of Matt’s actually. Seemed like a great guy, really laid back.

Nicole was there of course. He kept close to me for most of the end of the party, started getting kinda cuddly. The party filted down to just him, me, and Cecil, who was going to stay the night (apparently he did that a lot). The poor thing was tired, and as the three of us were on the couch watching TV, he soon fell asleep. Nicole wrapped a blanket around him and invited me to his room.

He said good night to his father as we passed by his room, where he was doing… something… businessmanlike. The way Mr. O’Connor looked at us, and the way Nicole was clung to my arm like an excited child… I knew, that he knew just what was going on.

Nicole pulled me into his room, shut the door, and kissed me, pressing my body between his an the door. His hands made a quick mission of opening my shirt, allowing his arms to wrap snugly around my bare waist. As a furry without any fur, I’ve always appreciated the feeling of a sort-furred person against my soft underside, and you can bet someone like Nicole takes very good care of his fur.

He turned me around and started pushing me towards his bed. Up until now I had been pretty relaxed and confident, but this sudden surrendering of my control made me fumble and blush. I fell onto my back and bounced a few times on his bed before being pinned down, this hungry skunk now atop me, lips once more locked to mine. His shirt came off, then mine did too, and before long this skunk’s hot, nude form was pressed close to mine, delicate claws raking against my armored back.

I’m glad I wasn’t a virgin to this sort of thing, Nicole is not someone I would want to disappoint. Joel? I’m sure he loves breaking in virgins like me and Matt, but Nicole deserves some back-and-forth, even if he is pretty much in charge when on top. We rubbed our bodies against each other slowly to the sound of our hushed panting before Nicole reached for the lube, very conveniently placed by the bedside. He helped me to spread and lift my legs, resting my ankles on his shoulder, and he took me. Deep.

And did I tell you how soft but strong his hands are? Nicole’s steady pounding far outlasted me, and I quickly made a mess of the both of us. When he finally collapsed down on me, my whole body felt warm, full, my skin tingling all over. Catharsis, that’s what it was. Such tension, and such explosion.

In the morning, Nicole’s father made us breakfast before leaving for work, giving Cecil a ride home in the process. Once alone, Nicole pulled me into the shower. Did I tell you how soft his lips are? Not that we were kissing of course.


  1. QuetzaDrake says:

    Hehehehehe, wonderful read. What I wouldn’t give to get a night with Nicci, he sounds like a dream.~

    Count yourself lucky there, pangolin.

  2. Zurr says:

    sounds like you had fun in the shower.

  3. GenericGirlName-Here says:

    Sounded like Fun Fun and a little more Fun. I think I like your posts the most Roland ;)

  4. Streak Fox says:

    Heh, the perfect end to a perfect party Im guessing.

  5. Big Red Pharaoh says:

    So, Monsieur LeFay…

    1) Where on the Kinsey scale do you place yourself?
    I’m not asking this to be provocative. I’m genuinely curious.

    2) How did you come to have such a relaxed and flexible attitude regarding things straight and gay?

    Not sure that made sense… :/

    • Roland says:

      Had to ask Nicci to explain what the Kinsey scale was….
      Uuuhhhhmmmm somewhere between 1 and 2, because I still like women a lot more than men. That’s made evident by how girly Nicole is.

      One of my friends in middle school was gay, so I’ve had plenty of time to get used to it.

  6. Wolf Nanaki says:

    If I may quote the recent ATHOIA: “Hell yeah.”

  7. Tobias Wulf says:

    I can not see Nicole topping. Ever. Is it just me? I hope it’s not just me.

  8. Kholdstare says:

    Wow, that sounds like a fun night. :D

  9. Ablash says:

    Wooo! Go Roland!

  10. Tsuki says:

    Well Roland it seems like you and Nicole will do just fine together. I’m happy for you. By the way… Will you be posting any of your art somewhere? I’d be lying though if I didn’t want to have your tribute to Rene Margritte on a T-Shirt… ^_^

  11. Dahlia says:

    Well it certainly sounds like both of you had a good time. Nicole definitely sounds like a keeper. ^_^

  12. Khimera says:

    *chuckles and claps* Sounds like you had fun Roland. Now just be careful not to make him mad enough to spray you. *has a gigglefit*

    • Big Red Pharaoh says:

      Wonder if the average skunk-fur is capable of doing so…

      • Nicole says:

        We’re not!

        Skunk scent glands on anthros are a lot more diminished than their feral counterparts, but regardless, they’re required, by law, to be removed right after birth. For the best, really, I don’t wanna be stinking up the place my whole life.

        • Zair says:

          Hahahah! Too true, though law or not, there are prolly plenty of people round that ignore that, think it’s all mean and unnatural. Though, you know who they are, cause they stink to high hell since young skunks don’t know how to control their skunking glands for a while. I’m just glad to say, they at least made a good solution to remove the stink of skunks better then tomato juice. =P

          Removed or not, I haven’t met a skunk that would just spray some for no apparent reason, short of to save their life in some way. Even then, say being held at gunpoint. Something like turning around, lifting a tail, and pulling down your pants (so you can aim and not soil your pants) isn’t good, and will likely get you shot instead of just have your shoes and/or valuables stolen. Though, if you are lucky, the person will just think you are offering them free butt sex, and such a pause would be a good time to shoot in the eyes with the spray. =D Either that, or let him hump you if you are that much of a slut (no, wasn’t a wing at you Nicole, I admire you too much to be that mean on first meeting). XD

          So for those non-skunks paying attention, overall, between relative uselessness, the prolly long reload time for anthro skunks as is, the training as a kid to both know how to aim and control how to shoot, and the fact, if you get startled bad enough, you would go off like a bad stink bomb, it’s good to get them removed for sure. And saves a LOT of social embarrassment. Plus, as our friends up there proved, you don’t need to have them to still make people nearly flee in fear you might spray them. XP [/end long winded useless reply]

        • Darky says:

          that sucks i would rather keep the glands :P that is i where a skunk >>

        • emo sheep says:

          nicole u are a realy awsome person i cant get the twister thing out of my head” it said right hand yellow” >.))) XDD so which one of u is on top and which ones on bottom XDD -sighs- sorry i bored to hell 0.0 omg i think i am related to joel

          • Maribel says:

            Respected sir, your guidance will be very helupfl for ias appariants. this will guide helpless & poor student also to turn their dream in real success.thanks .

  13. Odiku says:

    mmm, a perfect ending to a perfect night, Roland ^w^

  14. Big Red Pharaoh says:

    Hey, uh,me again. ._.

    Just outta curiosity, have you been subjected, yet, to one of Nicole’s therapeutic-type evenings where you play childrens games and stuff like that?

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Not sure of the details.
    I heard he likes to do that to help ppl. close to him unwind. n___n

    • Roland says:

      Well, we DID recently stay up all night playing Monopoly with Cecil. That was pretty fun.

      • emo sheep says:

        =P probly 2 much fun XDD -sigh- well i am bored,dead and uterly loney -.- owell dang i want to play twister with u guys =P it looks like so much fun

        • emo sheep says:

          XDD ” well it did say right hand yellow” dam i realy am bored if i rememberd that -puts gun to head-

        • emo sheep says:

          oops sorry misspel on my first reply its supose to be lonely >.)))

  15. Salem Jansen says:

    On that subject: I pray that you won’t fall victim to any of Nicole’s, er, “less admirable” antics…. He’s going to kill me, now ._.
    *Clears throat*
    Anywho, everything’s turned out for the best, I see! Congratulations on your new-found relationship with Nicole, Roland!

  16. Geno says:

    If skunk-furs are able to spray when they’re born, does that mean that pangolin-furs can roll up into a ball?

    And, on that topic, how many physical abilities does the average fur have, compaired to its animal counter-part? Can horse-furs run fast? Do frog-furs have long toungs? Where do the similarities to animals end, and the human similarities begin?

    • Roland says:

      Baby pangolins are good at rolling up into tight little balls, yeah. Adults, not so much.

      Furries, are pretty much watered-down versions of their feral selves. Stink glands are a lot weaker, physical abilities are reduced, internal organs are very humanlike with not much variation.

      • DrLombriz says:

        So I’d still have a chance at arm-wrestling an anthro bear?

        Soy fuerte, ¡tan oso!

      • emo sheep says:

        hmmm so furries like me are actuly be like 40% animal and 50% human or like 25% animal and 75% human -sighs- well i just confused the hell out of me -sits down- dam i so bored

    • silent_o says:

      If someone startles me, it takes a huge amount of willpower not to play dead. Damn evolutionary holdover threat response…

  17. Riaku says:

    *pants* the title speaks for itself in this one…

  18. EdogawaConan89 says:

    i want a hot skunkie like nicole!!! i luv skunkies!!!! your so lucky roland…does a lil ol foxy like me have a chance with you nicci?

  19. EdogawaConan89 says:

    This is a question for Nicole:

    Out of pure innocent (not so much) curiosity, have you and Roland considered asking Joel to join a err…3some?

  20. Teehee~! Why is it there’s so much ghey romance around here? Although I can’t blame them… Guys like tis Roland are so cute~ ^w^ hee~

    Uhm… tis her big brother, Ciel. Sorry for that, she tends to sneak on my computer for yaoi… heh.

  21. Cullom says:

    Sounds like someone had a miscellaneous time. Also, for Nicole: What kind of guys do you like other than Roland or Joel, but do you have any other preferences? I tend to like funny, charming guys myself. And a cute ass does help.

  22. Dresden says:

    Ooh, Sounds like the party was one I didn’t want to miss. You really need to hit me up for the next one. Maybe you wouldn’t mind some extra company to entertain some guests while you two disappeared for an hour or two, instead of waiting for the party to end.

    And out of Curiosity, Who won that Game of Monopoly?

  23. Alex says:

    You guys get all the fun…

  24. y’know i dont mind where this comic happens to go but i think that roland should AT LEAST MAKE AN ATTEMPT to wait for Thennon to come back. She did say that she was going to! But again love the comic and dont care (that much) where it goes

  25. Adrian Starr says:

    Aww…Roland you are s~uch the lucky guy, you. Wish I was in your place.
    Oh, and Nicole, just for the record, you are definitely the most…appealing-looking guy I’ve laid eyes on in a while. If you ever feel like…y’know, sleeping with a fox, just feel free to contact me, m’kay?
    Love Ya! <3
    Adrian Starr <3

  26. emo sheep says:

    >=P such a good cupple roland u rock my world ^w^ u are so lucky to have nicole XDD u know the funny thing is about my name is acutely my friends call me sheep all the time 0.0 yet i am not chelsie all tho when art and chelsie first met thats sorive how i act enough about that roland and nicole u rock this world like a hurrican

    from your loveing fan: emo sheep

    ps i got eyes in the sky XDDD

  27. emo sheep says:

    >.)) if u get any ideas about the me being chelsie i just might have to find u in real life and do what artie… ((.)) i joking i am just realy bored and i read concession about 300 times it never gets old just wish they made a new comic for it TT_)))

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  29. Juan L. says:

    will that leave any smell?
    i have that question on my head sience i read ‘out of position’.

  30. Flyink Skwirl says:

    Aww, how zweet! Zo prezious, vous two are.

  31. Fenrir the Damned says:

    *cocks his head, looking curious* I’m not gay; I’m straight (though I will experiment occasionally). But I read this, and now I’m bi. Consider yourselves happy.
    In other news, I have a question. Okay, several. And I request that they are answered, or suffer my, ah… “displeasure.”
    Nicole: I honestly thought you were a girl with no titties when I first heard of you, partially because of your name, and I was a bit suprised to learn that you were a guy. So now I ask: Is “Nicole” your real name, or is it a nickname or something (I thought your name’s Nicholas)?
    Roland: I remember you went out with this lizard chick; what happened to her?
    Dave: Is it true you have porn on your iPod (and can I borrow it?)?
    Joel: When was the last time you actually banged a woman? (Not raped, willing)

    • Ankoku Fang says:

      hm… I think I can answer the questions about Nicci and Roland…

      Nicci’s real name is Aaron O’Connor. Nicole is just his nickname. And, no offense to Nicci, I’m sure most people make that mistake at first…

      Roland used to date Thonnen, but she broke up with him after a rape-induced pregnancy. Then she moved to France (which, ironically, is where Roland is from).

      Oh, and, just to let everyone know, for no reason… I am straight. I just love concession so much I read everything connected to it… no matter what it is ^_^ ‘ Oh, and I’m a wolf, if anyone’s wondering…

      • Ankoku Fang says:

        just to correct myself… Now I’m bi. XD I now have a boyfriend, so ignore the part about me being straight XD

  32. Shasharala says:

    Haha, sounds amazing. You’re one lucky guy Roland. I’d go for Nicole in a flash. He’s so damn hot!
    I could go on about him forever, but oh well…

  33. Kujiiro says:

    To this day, I still view Nicole as female. The illusion is practically embedded into my mind -_-
    It’s not an attraction, it’s just that her… HIS figure seems so feminine. If that’s what she’s… shit. HE’S going for, then it’s definitely working.

    Not to mention how misleading the name is. That’s one hell of a trap.

  34. imortalpain says:

    what i wouldnt give to make the threesome between Roland, Nicci, and Joel a foursome, they all are so hot

    • RossijskijVolk says:

      I would want Matt and Niccole. Matt is sweet and caring and something about Niccole makes my shiver in ecstacy. I always wanted to make love with a furry. Я показал бы им как мы делаем влюбленность в Россия!

  35. Cloudshadeslayer says:

    Your one lucky guy you know that Roland you to Nicci

  36. Enroygall says:

    Hello Roland, I’m a tiger in a town full of humans, you remind me of this friend of mine who reminds me of a mix between you and Joel. So because of this of this, I call him “Roll” whenever he brings up art, he used to draw so it happens from time to time. I’d call him “Joel” every time he brought up zombies, but he’d be confused because he’d automatically think I was talking about Joel Dawson from Bonus Stage. Sure he probably thinks I’m calling him Roll from Mega Man but that makes it even more humorous.

    As for my question, in the beginning were you surprised to learn that Nicole was a boy? When I had heard Matt was off-put by Nicole’s advances that one night, I thought “What are you gay? She’s in your lap man!”. His shock become more obvious to me when I learned Nicole had a penis, I was wondering why she had no breasts…

    But anyway, yeah, were you surprised to learn Nicole wasn’t a girl? I sure was.

  37. Dutchy says:

    What I wouldn’t give for some time with Nicci *gets lost in thoughts*…….wha….ohh..hehe…anyways, you are one lucky Pangolin, Roland, and Nicci is a lucky skunk to have you too.

  38. claw says:

    damn roland how come you get someone like nicole its not fair why am i always unloved…anyway can you like gives me some tips to better at being a friend caring to people and 3. joel would know what to do here but anyway how to get some power and place in the world before i shoot myself bye i hope i you reply

  39. Firefox says:

    Hehe! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with Nicci. I envy you! :D
    How are things going between you guys, by the way? I have not really heard much about you for a while. Are you still dating?

  40. Felix says:

    Sounds like a good time, Roland ^_^;. I think it was nice that you weren’t too explicit about it.

  41. D.Kane says:

    Mmm…Nicole…I’d tap that.

  42. MysticFlame says:

    Contrary to what my prefrences are, i find Nicci/Roll smexy. Roll is just fucking hawt, we need to see explicit pics of sex between You and Joel. Nicci too, we need to see more cawk.

  43. Rane says:

    “Rub a dub dub. Thanks for the (heh-hem) grub. Yay God” XD

  44. Rach~L says:

    Nicole is sucha Gee <3 Hes amaxing :)

  45. Rokuke says:

    Nicole is a fun guy to be with >:3

    Hows your piercing Roland?

    Oh can you get a pic of it? >:3

  46. Matt-Otaku says:

    Roland, would you ever get with Matt? Maybe Matt and Joel at the same time? I mean, we all know you still like Joel but what about Matt. Your fanbase wants to know.

  47. namdot59 says:

    Roland, this is out of random curiosity, do you and Nicole plan to work on an artpiece togther? Judging by the way Nicole is, I believe he would make a good critic. Maybe even a little inspirantion help too?

  48. drakemiddleton says:

    What we really need on the next update (which I hope comes soon) is a post by Zoe, possibly one of the most intriguing webcomic characters I’ve ever seen.

  49. Bob says:

    wow, I’m straight and even I think that sounds kinda fun

  50. curiousfur says:

    i demand porn of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a very nice read. though one would think someone like you would check spelling errors (there was one lol, im not a grammar nazi, its just fun) but i definitely enjoyed it. i like both skunks and armored critters, and passionate, emotional scenes, so win win for me^^

  51. Kuri says:

    That was easily one of the best reads I’ve had in quite a while. Thank you for that! *Sigh* It’s tough when you’re a lone fox in a small town of humans. Gues that’s why I’m online so much……

  52. Henry says:

    Nicole is sooooo hott!!!!!! He/she appears in my fantasies more often then not…..

  53. Hunter says:

    Nicole how come you have a picture of roland and he doesnt have a picture at all?