Hot Skunk-on-Pangolin Action

This story contains mature themes.

Now obviously I already knew Nicole. Living in a dorm with Joel, I had no choice but to become very familiar with the crazy-haired skunk. After a while it seemed like he’d be skanking up the place every single weekend.

At first? I didn’t like him, and I hope some of you can understand why. I had never met someone so… exuberant in his mannerisms. So unapologetically flamboyant. And I don’t say these things in any way homophobic or as a judge of his character… I just thought he was annoying.

But! He grew on me. We started talking, we played video games together, we… may or may not have been in a threesome with Joel once or twice… And I started to consider him a friend.

And so now, maybe a year or more after meeting him, I guess it’s official that Nicole and I are dating.

When Joel returned from summer vacation, I was… not necessarily shocked when he told me that he and Matt were together, but I found myself reacting negatively. I hid it of course, but… I really surprised myself with how poorly I took it. Had I grown that attached to Joel, really? Just because we had lived together in the dorm for two years now, and just because for the last year we had been fucking every week…

And seeing them together! That was the worst part. And I have nothing against Matt. He’s an idiot but he’s a good kid, I like him fine. But, to come home to find them in bed is just… weird.

Nicole felt the same way as I, and that was the first conversation we had. He came floating to Joel’s dorm, unanncouned as always, but was disappointed to find only me there. Joel was out with that cat. So! We started talking, mainly about them. I won’t call myself an emotionally perceptive person, so I was unaware, until then, exactly how attached to that dog Nicole had become. Nicci must have realized how much I could relate to him on that, because… he really let it all out, and I found myself very willing to listen.

And then we fucked!






Not really.

But in a sudden and almost blinding burst of optimism, he did ask me out. I was taken aback… but… what the hell? Why not. I was down, bored, and lonely. Such fertile ground for the growth of romance!
We got lunch. Fast food, why not? It’s refreshing to see such a slim Buddhist boy pack down an artery-clogging burger. And by refreshing I of course mean erotic.
…Kinda grossed myself out for a second there, but anyways…

Still lacking for things to do, we caught a movie! It’s not important to the story what movie it was, so let’s just pretend it was something you saw so you can relate to the story. It was a movie. We watched it. And half way through, he held my hand (such soft paws…)

Emotions are weird. They can be great when in the right situations, but when you suddenly lose them, you feel… empty.
I was not in love with Joel, but he left a hole in my chest. Joel was there when Thonnen broke up with me, he made me happier and kept me from feeling too lonely. I was not alone with my pain, there was my pain and then there was Joel. The pain faded, and then there was just Joel. I came home to him, I slept with him in my room, I shared time with him. But then! Along comes this cat…

…Anyways… Nicole held my hand, and it felt good. And I realized that Nicole was coming from a similar place in regards to this dog of ours.

Now then, what was the best way to end the evening? Getting drunk, of course. A bottle of wine on the way home and we were all set to… do… whatever it is drunk people do.
Honestly it had been the first time I was drunk in over a year. I didn’t puke so I suppose I did well.
Now drunk, we laughed, we talked, we watched stupid television. He flirted, which is apparently all he can do at a certain blood-alcohol level.

“You know what we should do?” He said, rocking back and forth, clutching my pillow and speaking through giggles. “We should have sex.”
I laughed. All of this dialogue is going to seem so cliche and typical, but who cares, it happened.
“Really!” He continued. “We should time it so that when they (Joel and Matt) get back, they’ll catch us in bed together.”
Seemed like a good idea at the time. If I wasn’t drunk? …Would have seemed like a good idea too.

Nicole was pretty quick to strip. I guess he was good at that sort of thing by then. I was slower to strip, but he helped, the fruitful little thing. He gave me a tug and atop him I fell, pulling the blanket over the both of us.
Being naked in bed with another man really sobers one up in a flash, and I felt myself blush as I realized what was happening. He was blushing too, but not from embarrassment of the situation – rather, as a result from a rather obvious excitement that pressed against me.

Nicole is a better kisser than Joel is. That’s what I soon discovered. Joel’s style of kissing seemed so hungry and desperate compared to Nicole’s soft, careful, deliberate movements.
He held his thin, smooth body against mine as we kissed, massively-furry tail curling up between my legs. His kiss left me panting and a bit lightheaded, dizzy enough to not noticed that Joel had finally returned, now standing in the doorway with what can only be described as a hybrid expression of surprise, delight, and quiet jealousy.

Mission accomplished.


  1. Zurr says:

    Oh, Roland, you cut off at the most suspenseful parts.

    • Roland says:

      That’s all that happened! On that particular day. We giggled and got dressed once Joel was home.

      • The BobBurittio says:

        You stopped? Psssh, I would have kept going. Might as well~ I mean you were already like.. 3/4 of the way there!

      • FADFRANKIE says:

        hey Roland this is Frank Bailey i thinking designing games and security systems what do you think of that? also Roland do like Joel as a friend. I’m just wondering what do you dream about? write back okay.

  2. Big Red Pharaoh says:

    Does it seem the least bit weird that the first thing you get tapped to write about has nothing to do with art whatsoever?
    I’d assumed that would be the *first* subject a guy like you would want to put in writing…

    Nevertheless, I *was* wondering exactly what was up. Lookin’ forward to the second part.

  3. QuetzaDrake says:

    Awwwwww, that was so sweet. I’m pretty jealous too, I’ve always wanted a piece of that sweet fluffy skunktail…

  4. Jit says:

    Hey wait, are you still roommates with Joel, or has your school term ended already? Random question, I know, but it’s suddenly burning in my mind, so to speak.

  5. Wolf Nanaki says:

    Wait, more later?!


    Also, I’m jealous. :P

  6. Manokiller says:

    HEll yea! Go Roland <3

  7. Salem Jansen says:

    I’m not Homosexual, or anything of the sort, but I always knew you and Nicole would have chemistry. Congrats, Roland.

  8. Karserus says:

    <.///> but, you know, i’m not fortunate enough to live in your universe just yet.

  9. Karserus says:

    *facepalm* that came out wrong…anyway Roll, just take comfort in those around you. I think Joel may have PLANNED for you two to get together.

  10. Fyzel says:

    ….hmm. Well, that was hawt.

  11. Tobias Wulf says:

    With Joel and Matt together and now you and Nicole together, I just have to ask…when will Cecil get a man?

  12. Genericname says:

    Ha, yeah, sure *cough cough* all you did… I’m sure that’s true, and all… So… when can we expect the DVD of this little escepade to surface on torrent sites across the net?

  13. Darky says:

    hay Roland glad to see you got some one to hold and love agine

  14. Fletcher says:

    Hmmm…Odd question, I know, but I’ve always wondered.

    Isn’t it a bit hard to be the uke when you’ve got that armor-plated tail in the way? I realize with Nicci you would probably be seme, but I can’t see Joel uke-ing. Ever.

    It’s always been a wonder to me how furries fuck and keep their tails out of the way at the same time.

  15. Ryuki says:

    Goddamn I wish it was the thirtyieth already….
    Stupid friggen broken hand….
    Anyway. Nice. Job. Rolland.
    Didn’t really think ya had it in yeh to do It.

  16. Busterdrag says:

    Rolly, you damn tease!!! D:<

    Stop brea,king off when two of my favourite chars are gonna have sex!

  17. An Cat Dubh says:

    I wonder if that’s such a wise thing to do, to get together when you’re lonely and vulnerable. I hooked up with a boy from England with whom I had little in common, but got a powerful crush on him. Later on he got himself someone IRL (about two months ago), and until today I think of him too often than I should, and am still a bit uneasy with the thought of him and his Doppelgaenger boyfriend… Ah well. I’m best off without that narcissist XD

    • Roland says:

      But see, we do have things in common.
      We both appreciate the arts, like classical music and opera. A trip to the museum serves as a good date for the both of us.
      He likes to drink and party and go to clubs, which is not for me, but he also likes things classy and romantic. Fine dinners, proper dress attire – and he loves to show up at those sort of things inappropriately dressed, making loud and rude comments in front of all the rich people. He’s like an enabler for all my annoying bad habits in public.

      Plus, he actually does have a very artistic side to him. He has a good eye for balance and design…

      And there’s the sex of course.

      • An Cat Dubh says:

        We had some things in common, too, but I doubt how well it would’ve worked IRL.
        Wishing you both the best ^_^

      • Big Red Pharaoh says:

        Not sure where I heard this,but…
        Am I right that Nicci is into photography?

      • An Cat Dubh says:

        Nicole certainly doesn’t seem that classy… He said he didn’t think he and Artie could be a good couple, because he’s into ‘smart things’ and all that.
        So… Nicole is like you with the Mask on? (You know, the one from the film with Jim Carey.)

  18. Rooster says:

    ROLAAAAAAAAAND!!! Haha! I can relate to you most of all, my Pangolin Pal. I too am an avid artist, but most of it is Amateur comic book style stuff. Love to see some of you works, mate! XD

  19. ArtistDude says:

    Hey Roland, I’m just wanderind if u’ve ver done a 3some with Nicci and Joel don’t u ever think that u can hav a foursome with Matt as well, it’ll be something new.

  20. Noxis says:

    Roland I honestly think you would of been a better man for Joel instead of Matt, then again Matt is so cute when he’s around Joel

  21. FADFRANKIE says:

    hey Nicci i think you really really cute with that blue strip going from your head to your tail. write back okay.

  22. Cloudshadeslayer says:

    Roland you son of a ……… how id like to be you at times

  23. nicole can we have sex sumtime….plz!?

  24. claw says:

    damn roland how come you get someone like nicole its not fair why am i always unloved…anyway can you like gives me some tips to better at being a friend caring to people and 3. joel would know what to do here but anyway how to get some power and place in the world before i shoot myself bye i hope i you reply

  25. Henry says:

    I am so envious of Roland right now, I’ve always wanted sexy skunk tail between my legs…..why can’t I have it!!!!

  26. Hunter says:

    random question but what do you think of the Mona Lisa?