A Blog about Rick and Joel Kissing

Okay guys, Rick told me to blog about that one time he and Joel kissed. It’s not a long story, but it has pictures!

So it was a party at Ricks house. That’s where we always had parties. It was me, Rick, Joel, Chloe, Jane, and Diane.

That’s Chloe on the left, the bat. She was dating Joel at the time. Next to her is Jane the tanuki, Chloe’s friend. In the background is Diane the Hyena. Diane was Joel’s friend from the school’s GSA.

That’s Joel and Rick having a sword fight. I think they were fighting over the last Hot Pocket.

I don’t even know why we were having a party. It’s not like it was an official thing, it just sorta happened. I was at Rick’s house, Joel showed up, and Chloe found out so she dragged the two girls with her. Those were the good kinds of parties.

Hehehe. Chloe somehow tied up Joel to a chair and left him there.

Anyways, Chloe made a bet with Rick that he coudln’t make it onto the roof without a ladder. I forget why. They must’ve been arguing about something stupid. Anyways, if he made it up there, she’d kiss Diane in front of him, and if he coudln’t make it, he’d hafta kiss Joel. Win-win for Chloe I think, but we all know Rick had a huge things for lesbians so he had to give in.

C’mon, do it!



  1. Duke says:

    By the look on Rick’s face, I’d assume Joel gives one hell of a smackeroo!

    • Rick says:

      He used tongue ;-;

      • mbulsht says:


        Man, to be honest, I truly envy you.

        Joel is hott

      • mathew says:

        Hate to say it dude but you are lucky, I am gay and love the gay furry webcomics alot but joel is really hot and looks like he’s a great kisser. One day though it might ruin the fantasy in dreams I wish they made a remote or something that can port you into your favorite comic,movie, or show

    • Celestial says:

      Im a HUGE furry fan ive always thought they were kinda……kinky. Anyways i love the comic and this story is pretty fuckin cool (tho i would never want to get fucked by joel im just not fuckin gay)

  2. Jeremyhfht says:

    Awwwwww Joel likes you! hahahaha

  3. Shaloxeroligon says:

    The picture made it seem like Joel liked it more than Rick did. Rick’s all like “OMGWTFWHAAAAAAA?!?!?” And Joel’s expression is beyond words. So cute!

  4. **Jack** says:

    Don’t think Joel minded too much, Eh.(In a Canadian accent;).

  5. Anon says:

    Oi, is that a beer-belly on Joel? Or is he just slouching? I’d always imagined that he was a bit more… Buff.

    • Jeremyhfht says:

      He’s kind of buff. I imagine that it was simply taken at a bad angle (furr can make you look fat).

      • Joel says:

        No, it’s some legitimate pudge. This was a number of years ago, remember. I was somewhat heavy back then – we both were, my girlfriend and I, as we were staying heavy on purpose.

        • Jeremyhfht says:

          Now I’m curious…why stay heavy?

          • Joel says:

            Because fat chicks are hot. and she wouldn’t gain weight unless I did too.

            • Jeremyhfht says:

              …buh? That’s not…you…what the christ? That makes no sense neither in evolutionary terms or in cultural terms. The only way it would make sense is if you were a “try everything” kind of person (and you probably are).

              • Joel says:

                So just because someone has a different fetish than you, it makes it some bizarre betrayal of cultural terms? A little close-minded, are we?

              • Jeremyhfht says:

                Straw men arguments get you nowhere. I’m simply curious as to how you could have such a fetish. Fetishes are, by definition, psychological.

              • QuetzaDrake says:

                It’s called a fat fetish. :T Some people just like bigger builds. In fact, biologically-speaking, the “thicker” a woman is, the more logically desirable she should be, since bigger hips, boobs, and fat means she’s well-nourished and will have an easier time birthing and caring for a baby.

              • Jeremyhfht says:

                Sexuality is predominantly defined by culture. Ancient cultures that accepted (or in some cases promoted) homosexuality or bisexuality had a much higher percentage of the two than others, for example. Fat is mostly the same way. So I’m curious as to the origin.

              • QuetzaDrake says:

                This is a fetish, not sexuality. No one I don’t think is truly certain of where fetishes originate, maybe personal experiences or just something that happens, I’m not sure. Fact is that you don’t need a culture that likes fatter people for an individual to like fat people.

              • Jeremyhfht says:

                Arrrrrrgh just nevermind!

              • Joel says:

                Tell you what. I’ll change my major to Sociology and get back to you in four or five years.
                Until then, you’ll have to learn to accept that sometimes people think differently than you.

              • Jeremyhfht says:

                Actually it’s psychology.

              • QuetzaDrake says:

                Hey, you’re the one who was talking about culture. That’s Sociology.

              • Faradin says:

                I flunked Sociology. |3

              • mathew says:

                hey hey no fighting with the furry art espiecally joel he is hot and also if you read the comic this far ican most likely kill you if there was a way to get out of this site.

              • Big Red Pharaoh says:

                So, Joel…
                What is your major, anyways?

              • Joel says:

                I’m going for a BA in KICKING YOUR ASS.

              • Big Red Pharaoh says:

                A robust response! I salute you!

              • Balron says:

                That and it wasn’t until fairly recently that skinny has become desirable. For a large part of history fat was a symbol of wealth, and if you were large it was because you were well fed.

              • Drackir says:

                So, out of interest.
                Is it just chubby chicks who get you going or chubbiness on either gender?

            • chelonianmobile says:

              Yay *waves “fat chick” flag*

        • Zalno says:

          *record scratching sound*

          …….que? I thought you were gay. Since when were you interested in women……well, at the time, I mean.

        • rourkie says:

          Aww. That tummy looks good on ya, Joel. *grins*

    • Bobkiller Killerbob says:

      Wow..this..whole thing was more interesting then the story itself… Aaaamaaazinng..

  6. pyrox says:

    AWESOME!! and god damn Joel you just jumped him didn’t you

  7. QuetzaDrake says:

    Cuuuuute. I figured Rick and Joel had kissed at some point. :U

  8. The Archiver says:

    When I saw you two kissing, I made this face XD so hard I lost the little piece of carbonated candy I had in my mouth. (It was so worth it ^^). also, I don’t suppose they’re any other instances where Rick kissed another guy ^^. one last thing before I shut up <.<; What is Rick’s opinion on the new Watchmen movie coming out? (only place I knew I could get an answer from the cast, sry)

    • Rick says:

      No, no, Joel has been the only guy so far. I swear that skunk kid was working real hard to be the second, though.

      Watchman looks friggin sweet.

      • Big Red Pharaoh says:

        Yeah – I heard you…met…Nicole recently. Did you get along OK? Seems he can be a bit alpha-male-ish sometimes…

  9. chelonianmobile says:

    I’m curious as to where the swords came from in the second picture. Do the guys just keep them lying around, or are they in possession of Malletspace pockets?

    The event depicted in Picture 6 needs to be repeated some time.

    • Doctor Worm says:

      Even if it’s simple sticks, guys like weapons, even if they’re not particularly trained with them, so they were probably just sitting around the house somewhere, mounted or just leaning up against a wall or in a closet.
      I’m a little curious as to what Rick’s wielding in the picture, though; it has no visible grip and seems to be obeying it’s user through prayer. :P

      Speaking of which, who won?

  10. Busterdrag says:

    Lol, when being on a party or around friends, Joel looks really friendly. ^.=.^

    You wouldn’t suspect such an evil mastermind behind a cute face like that.

    Also, Rick should take it like a gentleman, at least its just a kiss. Could have been much worse for him, at least he knows Joel.

  11. MellisAmada says:

    Why does Joel seem so much more innocent and nice back then?

  12. S.G.D. says:

    Heh, Joel, you look like you’re rather enjoying being tied up in that chair.

  13. basha dude says:

    XD cute.

    hey joel, how’d u get that boner in the pic of u in the chair?
    yup, as a fan its my job to give u no personal privacy whtsoever ^_^

  14. £Ø§Ð says:

    …I Remain speechless after seeing that picture. And it’s embarrassing to hear that he couldent get onto the roof. He’s a monkey for Frig’s sake!

  15. An Cat Dubh says:

    Haha! Well, at least Rick can say to any boy who tries to get him, ‘I’ve tried it before and didn’t like it.’ (I assume that’s why Rick asked you to upload ot…)
    By the way, is it me, or is Joel’s fur brighter than usual? He started looking like Volk from ‘Nu, pogodi!’ (nostalgia Russian children show; often compared to ‘Tom & Jerry’. All episodes can be found on YouTube).
    Funny to see a real sword-fight; so far we only saw a metaphoric light-sabre one between Joel and Artie (and justice prevailed there, haha). Will we get to see a gun-fight soon?

    • Kale says:

      There was a gun fight! But it was very brief. Between that lizard cop and Joel? And they started out with guns, but soon progressed to ki blasts… and then apparently sexual combat.

  16. Duke says:

    Joel’s fur is as dark as ever, he’s just wearing a gray shirt in most of the pictures, right?

    Nicole never really struck me as alpha-male style. He just knows what he wants and does what he can to get it. It seems like he can even out-maneuver Joel to some extent…

    But really, sword fighting over the last hot pocket? Have you kids never heard of rock paper scissors? Silly furs could put an eye out.

  17. £Ø§Ð says:

    Well… Technically, shouldent this one be entitled, “A Blog About Joel Kissing Rick”? Because… well… Joel did take the lead there.

  18. Big Red Pharaoh says:

    Have any of you guys stayed in contact with Chloe or Jane or Diane?

  19. DarkMask says:

    Hurray Rick! I am so glad you got Angie to post these pictures! They are so cute, I laughed at watching you wiggle your legs hanging from the tree!

    So what was it lke? I know ya didn’t get turned on, but was Joel a good kisser? Was his mouth warm or kinda cool? How far did he stick his tongue into your mouth?

    And hey, ya shouldn’t be down ya got some guy tongue action, at least he didn’t shove his paw into your pants or something . . . hmmmm.

  20. Kale says:

    That mini-Angie picture at the top is REALLY CUTE. I want one. You’re cute, Angie.

  21. Salem Jansen says:

    Hurr. Looks like it was fun.

  22. Ginto Ookami says:

    Cute! X3
    I wonder who else enjoyed seeing that “peck” at the party..? >_>

  23. Drackir says:

    Hurrah for Tanuki’s.
    Our species is always being overlooked

  24. NyteFox says:

    damn i wish joel kissed me like that…hell i wish joel could kiss me lol

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  26. feral says:

    hmm in the immortal words of Emerial “BAM!”

  27. XWZ says:

    Dear Joel,
    how did you and your old girlfriend meet?

  28. Wyler says:

    The face Joel had on was “I’ll just get this over with now.” but other then that i just have to say cool

  29. Kete Fox says:

    @Joel: I know you’re more of the “who cares” kinda guy. Why go for someone like Rick?

    @Rick: If you where gay and Joel was single, would you date him? *states at you, eagerly waiting the response*

    • Rick says:

      I know enough abotu Joel to know that he’s waaayyy to intense for me.
      The great thing about Angie is that she’s really laid back, not very needy. Now I love Joel in a very heterosexual-friends sort of way but I get the feeling that dating Joel would require psychotherapy.

    • Joel says:

      Because I like kissing straight guys.

  30. Dean the yiffy fox says:

    so Joel, if Rick wasn’t straight, do you think you might’ve considered dating him?

  31. Rooster says:

    Damn, i envy Rick! Love you Joel!!! ;D

  32. Storm says:

    Huh, Chloe doesn’t look fat in that picture >>

    Anyways she’s very pretty I can see why you dated her Joel <3

  33. Anonymous says:

    hey joel mind if i ask ya something? why are you so…. er… hmm… open?

  34. emo sheep says:

    yo joel >.)) one on one u and me demon vs demon -grins- o and how are u and matt getting along i heard u wanted to have amillon babies u better buy a big house ha ha ha ha dont tell me u are cheating on him with rick dam i am so uterly bored to say stuff like this v.)))

  35. hiyaa says:

    WTF is wrong with you two genetic monsters

    speakin of which, how did you guys come about? The same way like in Furthia High?

  36. cooljoe224 says:

    Dear Rick

    In comic 215 do you have any idea why people were making you fat?
    Also what do you model for exactly?

    P.S. your my favorate character :P

  37. MADMAX says:

    hhhmmm i wonder if joel will have to kill matt like 1 of those things (if i told u id have to kill u) sorta things

  38. Keith says:

    just wondering, what is the basis of your supernatural ability, joel?

    also, if you could speak to the entire LGBT community, what would you like them to know?