Brother/Sister (Part 3)


In the last part of the story, I told you about Kate and mine’s first time together. That was my first time spent with a girl. Kate had already lost her virginity to someone out in California.

We spent nights together on an almost weekly basis for a long time after that point. It wasn’t long before it became business-as-usual, with neither of us thinking much of it, except for how great it was. We of course kept it a secret. We were good at that, too, as we both were trained at hiding things.

The first person to find out – and, at this point, one of only two people to ever find out – was Joel, no big surprise there. I don’t know how he knew. He must’ve smelled something, or caught on to our body language, or hell, maybe he can read minds. But he suddenly, in the middle of us watching a movie, blurted out, “are you having relations with your sister?”

After a quick moment of shock, I tried to lie to him, fumbling my way around a denial and an excuse, but he would have no part of it. I locked the door (despite no one else being home) and confessed, giving him a very breif version of what I’ve already told you all.

I could tell that he was hiding discust, but he was otherwise somewhat cool about it. I assured him we always used protection, and that it was consentual, and such… I believe he used the word “deplorable”, but he also said that he wasn’t in the position to judge me.

Time passed. Half way through the next school year, I had to deal with my first legitimate heart break as Kate started dating Jeremy, a baseball player. I hated that horse. He was arrogent, he was boastful, and he stole my lover away from me. Our intimate time had dwindled recently at that point, but I wasn’t prepared to have her date someone. I thought about finding someone to date, myself, as some sort of revenge, but… No one could compare to her.
No one except Angie.

I had always found Angie to be very attractive, but now that my head was not love-drunk with images of Kate every school day, I started to better appreciate the lovely dinosaur that was always very eager to spend time with me. The beautiful way her skin shone in sunlight, the lovely color of her red feathers… Oh yeah, and I guess she had a good personality or something too.
Seriously, though, we got along great. Unlike Joel who’s sense of humor rarely dipped into what he called “lowbrow”, as mine apparently did, and unlike Kate who had violent reactions to my puns (not that I can blame her, and yeah, I try to make a lot of puns in real life, even if I haven’t made any in this blog)… Angie “got me”. That’s a lame way to say it, but it’s true. Our minds were very in-line with each other. She enjoyed and encouraged all the stupid, almost crude jokes I’d make. She liked dumb movies and silly pop songs.

I didn’t find out until after our first date that she had actually been crushing on me for about a year at that point. I didn’t notice because, well, I was occupied. But now – well, you know women. She probably could smell that I was on the look-out. I don’t want to say I was desperate, but, well, when she asked me out, I jumped at the chance. We saw a movie – something “lowbrow” and comedic – and went to a fast-food place. Cheap tastes for simple people.

Angie and I did it on our third date. We didn’t need protection because, as a mammal, I can’t get Angie pregnant. We made out on the couch – she’s a fantastic kisser, by the way – and she stripped for me. Angie has a wonderful tail, very thick and strong.
We crawled into bed, I naked atop her, but by the end she was on top, straddling me, claws clung to my chest. Her performance certainly gave Kate a run for her money.

So we started dating. Kate didn’t say much about it. She said she was happy for us, and then proceeded to spend more and more time away from home with her horse. It went on like this for about two months.
If Kate had taught me the true meaning of lust and passion, then Angie taught me the true meaning of love and kinship. We were connected, quickly became inseparable, holding hands and kissing in public. I was happy. To be able to love in the open like, it was something Kate could, honestly, never give me.

And yet… I still loved her. Kate, that is. I loved Angie, but the two loves were different, I can’t explain how. It wasn’t long before Kate broke up with Jeremy, and suddenly I was the one in a relationship, with the other, I imagine, secretly pining for something she could no longer have. It… killed me, to do it to her. Angie, as a woman and being the emotion radar that she was, was sensing the sorrow inside me, although I couldn’t explain why. I could never tell her, could I?
I had to, and I did.

Historically speaking, in terms of people being told that their new boyfriend had fucked his sister numerous times, Angie took it rather well, and my nose stopped bleeding in a few minutes. She didn’t break up with me, obviously, and it seems to me that she was more offended by me keeping such secrets from her rather than the act itself.

Angie and Kate started hanging out. I never told Kate that I had told Angie, but she found out eventually. She wasn’t mad about it.

One night, with Angie sleeping over, Kate started flirting with me, hard. She was drunk, and I could tell that she had been crying earlier. It took every ounce of willpower I had, but I turned her down. I had to, for Angie. But when I retreated to my room, Angie put her hand on my shoulder and told me it was alright. She just wanted me happy, she said, and she… didn’t mind.
A wiser or better-written man would not have done it, but with Angie’s blessing, I made my way to Kate’s room for the night.

So that’s about where we stand today. I happily date Angie, who has allowed me to spend time with my sister on occasion. About once every two weeks, in fact, Kate joins me in my room for the night.

Now if only I could get Angie to join us…


  1. The Archiver says:

    Wow, I’m glad you were lucky enough to find a girlfriend to accept that part of you, and I’m shocked Joel was so judgmental about it he always seemed the kinda person who gets a kick from seeing people that are considered as twisted by society as him. Oh well, just goes to show you how people can surprise you.

  2. Ginto Ookami says:

    A good end to a great story. I’m glad it all turned out well.

  3. Tsuki Kyoku says:

    Wow Rick. I know exactly how you feel in a way. My twin sister and I would so have been into eachother and doing what you and Kate are doing now. If it weren’t for the fact that well….. She’s a lesbian, and I’m gay. Ironic in a way huh? Anyway, I’m sure you’ll get Angie to join into the fun with you and Kate someday. Just don’t pressure her into it.

  4. Big Red Pharaoh says:

    Forgive my triviality, but I’m wondering something: I like the detail about how Kate looked back then. Apparently, her hair was about 3X as long as it is now, and her wardrobe has changed little.
    Just outta curiosity, what did you look like back then (in your mid-teens)?

    PS – More than ever, I can see finding Angie was a real stroke of luck for you. Must feel, in a way, like you won the lottery or something, huh?

    • Rick says:

      I looked pretty much the same, I think. Hair looked the same. I was thinner.
      Less dress shirts and more band shirts.

  5. chelonianmobile says:

    Aww. Odd situation, but surprisingly functional and therefore kind of sweet. Hey, everyone’s happy, no horribly mutated children are being produced, no problem …

    The part about mammals not being able to impregnate lizards reminds me of a question I have about furry biology; can the bats we’ve seen around occasionally actually fly? Humanoids aren’t terribly aerodynamic, and one would think their wings would be too small to support them, but maybe they’re suspended in the same manner as disbelief? ;P

    • Rick says:

      They can almost-glide. Land softer, anyways. A lot of bats get into skydiving and I guess their wings help a lot there.

  6. Skyfox says:

    *Jaw falls to floor. Bends over to pick back up.*

  7. taiin says:

    i’m moved.

  8. An Cat Dubh says:

    Do you still love Kate? This looks like quite a peculiar form of polyamory…
    I’m sorry to say this, but I’m still having trouble accepting this. I should ask my parents (two extremely talented psychologists) what do they have to say about the matter.
    Come to think of it, what made you tell all this to us?

  9. ** Shigeru Miyamoto** says:

    “Now if only I could get Angie to join us…”
    Bastard ;D.

  10. £Ø§Ð says:

    I like the “My nose stop bleeding in a few minutes” part.

  11. DarkMask says:

    I guess I should of asked last story part but I honestly forgot about it until just recently.

    You kissed Joel? How and when did this happen? Was it like a dare?

    • Rick says:

      It was a bet, actually. We were all slightly drunk – Joel, Angie, me and some other friends. What the hell was the bet…

      I can’t remember, but I know Angie does. I’ll make her write a story about it soon. I think she has a photo.

      • DarkMask says:

        If Angie can post the story and the picture that would be great!

        “Rick’s great (one-time) homo-erotic adventure!”

  12. Missing Knight says:

    Do you have a tail fetish you seem to focus on them alot.

  13. Salem Jansen says:

    Holy shiva.
    This is probably the most interesting thing I’ve read…. Ever.
    Also: Tail and footpaw fetish? Nice.

  14. Bobkiller Killerbob says:

    Well. At least is’s good that the girl youre with dosn’t think you’re some wackjob crzed incest redneck like those that live in Kentucky.

    Quick little thing: They are so incest that their babies, are BLUE from so much inbreeding. Weird.. I wonder if that’s how furries get the weird colors.

    But yes. Be glad you have quite a woman in Angie. ^^

  15. Duke says:

    Angie sounds like a real keeper; it’s great that you two have found each other. It sounds like you and Kate still need each other. I wonder if it will pass with time. I daresay that your connection to her is probably stronger than vice versa; that’s the effect losing your v to someone can have on a relationship. I lost it to my best friend’s big sister, and even though I realize she’s a deplorable character, part of me still has deep feelings for her.

    On to lighter matters, you should subtly introduce the idea of you and Angie helping Kate through her lonely nights. More the merrier is what I always say! :3

    • Big Red Pharaoh says:

      I get to film!

      • ferretlady says:

        And I lost it to this guy. Luckily, I still have my claws in him…

        Also, great story. It’s awesome to find people who not only love you for who you are, but actually know who you are.

  16. XWZ says:

    Dear Richard,
    i know this seems unrelated to the topic at hand but i am curious about some background info on your parents. What did they do professionally? What are / were they like?

  17. Michael Koter says:

    Surprisingly, I can understand where you’re coming from, since I’ve been in a relationship like that. Didn’t get as lucky as you did, though. Angie’s no ordinary girl, so I’d stick with her through thick and thin. Here’s to you and her being together for many years to come.

  18. Kujiiro says:

    Ah, one of the most common of male fantasies. Great googly moogly, what a life.

  19. thanks !! very helpful post!

  20. D_man says:

    Joel, How did you find out anyway?

  21. Siot Gleda says:

    Joel knows everything! ;)