Brother/Sister (Part 2)


All right, so where was I?

Oh right. Well, let me talk about Angie first.
She was Joel’s friend first. Maybe I’ll make him tell their story first. I know that they were at the point where they had almost dated, and they had sex a couple of times, so when I thought to ask Angie out, I needed to clear it with Joel first. He didn’t mind of course, and thought that we’d work well together.
Angie obviously wasn’t a virgin when I got to her, which did not bother me. She asked if I was a virgin, and I had to lie. Not about being a virgin, but about who my first time was.

I lost my virginity to my sister, the day after Freshman year had ended.

This story contains mature content. Please do not read further if you are not of legal, mature age.

We had a party, a small one, at our house. Joel was there, Angie was there, and a few other friends that none of you know. Joel was dating Chloe at the time, and she was there too with a friend of hers. We spent the whole day drinking, playing video games, watching movies. Pretty normal stuff, only with more snacks.
Chloe and Joel disappeared soon after it became dark, and the rest of them eventually did the same. Angie was the last to leave, and actually caught my dad on his way into the driveway.

Dad wasn’t staying home for long that particular night. Dad was, and still is, a fire fighter. It was a hard job, what with the fires and everything, but it did allow him to get home pretty early. On this night, though, he actually was arriving home only to leave again. I forget what he was doing… I want to say he was being indicted, but that seems unlikely. Whatever. The point is, a little after 7:00, my sister and I were alone. Not that rare a situation, but we always appreciated it.

We had a candle-light dinner, for laughs I swear, re-heating pizza from the party and drinking Moutain Dew in our finest crystal glasses the the flickering light of candles. As we ate, I thought about us, about my sister. My mind started to dart back to certain moments, almost at random, but they all seemed to fit. How close Kate’s towel clung to her body after showers and how low she wore it, doing nothing to hide her cleavage. The way she sat so close to me on the couch when we watched TV together, leaning on me. The way her long tail gently batted against mine when we walked beside each other. I looked across the table as she took a sip of her glass. In the dim light, I could have sworn that it wasn’t soda in there but a fine wine, and that behind her lay the inside of some expensive restaurant. But the way she looked at me, eyes slowly moving across me, was no illusion.

Joel once said that social morals and rules were a sham, and that true morality should come from the individual, and that as long as they could justify what they did, all would work.
I had made up my mind. Kate was mine, I absolutely had to have her.

Fortunately, I was a coward.
Unfortunately, Kate was not.

Kate’s style – her MO, her modus operandi – was to wordlessly open my door about an hour after we had gone to bed. I had just started to fall asleep and was laying on my stomach. I looked up just in time to see her shiloetted in the doorframe before she shut the door. I’ve never been known for decent night vision, but I could hear her approach, bare paws padding quietly across the carpet. She walked past me, and suddenly I felt the tip of her tail brush across my face, my nose flooded with the scent of her pheramones. It was not an unfamiliar scent, although I had never once realized what it was.

I felt my bed sag as Kate sat on it’s edge. It made me roll over onto my back just beside her. I could see her look down at me, barely. I felt her hand reach my cheek and stroke it gently. She had soft hands. I tried to mumble out something, still not quite connected from sleep, but she gave no answer and instead swung a leg over me, and was suddenly stradling my lap, her tail coiling tightly around mine. Her hands pressed down on the bed on either side of my head, her face hovering inches over mine. I looked up, drunk with her pheramones, and could not find the energy to protest when she leaned down to kiss me. She had soft lips.

She was naked underneath the oversized shirt she wore which, standing, went down to her mid thighs. The shirt, I quickly did away with, and was presented with her nude form in the dim city light filtering in through the closed blinds of my window. I had seen her naked before, but somehow in the meager light, she looked more beautiful than ever. My clothes went next, and soon we were laying naked together, warm bodies close, hands and lips locked, tails and legs intertwined.

Now before you  get too mad at me, let me explain that we did use protection. Kate remembered them, actually, and remembered that I had some in the drawer by my bed. She grabbed a ribbed one, actually. Lucky her.

She took me. At 11:08 PM, my sister pinned me down and took me inside. At 11:25 PM, we were finished.

We showered together the next morning, and in there, she went down on me. Dad was sleeping in so he didn’t have any clue.
The rest of the day was almost startlingly normal. Food, TV, music. She left in the afternoon to hang out with friends at the mall, and she kissed me before leaving.

To be continued!


  1. QuetzaDrake says:


    Lucky bastard.

    • Sjeriavo says:

      If there is a posission of true love. Then i am fine with it. Since love is love reguardless of who it is with. Incest is fine with me aswell. But it does depend on the situation.

  2. Timson Fiddlebritches says:

    I agree about social stigma. A lot of things that are “wrong” shouldn’t be. What with contraceptives and diaphragms and all, incest is fine by me.

    I don’t find it appealing by any means, but I don’t think it’s as wrong as the typical stigma puts it out there as.

  3. **Yes says:

    To see or not too see, Protection is a send :P ; Personally I would like to see ;D.

  4. Ginto Ookami says:

    Well, an interesting twist but a great story so far. Can’t wait for the next part.

  5. Onryuu-san (Rasvim) says:

    *whistles and looks to his chars* well guys? *all thumbs up* very nice Rick, gotta admit that I didn’t see THAT comin, but hey, it was cute, in my opinion.

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out, I’m curious as to if Joel figured anything out, he seems to have a radar for these kind of things, or is that just me? :P

  6. Xasxz says:

    Lucky, lucky lucky…

  7. DevilAmada says:

    Get in there my son!

  8. Lucky son-of-a….

  9. Shaloxeroligon says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think about this… incest thing. I mean, is there any real problem that could occur from this, apart from an awkward feeling or potential problems with children? Is it wrong just because it’s wrong?

  10. Insignificance says:

    I’ve done an incest thing before… with a sibling…
    It was pretty frequent.
    No actual sex though. (THANK GOD)
    It felt natural, nothing weird
    Except I stopped it like 2 years ago.
    We talk about it like it was a complete joke.
    But it’s my fault that he became sexual early in his life.

  11. An Cat Dubh says:

    You remind me so much of Lucy and Fisk. Did you go through the same tragic events as they did?
    Say, aren’t you afraid Angie will come here and read what you’ve written?

  12. Bobkiller Killerbob says:

    Wow.. that’s… an amazing thing. Well.. weird.. but.. amazing non-the-less. I never would have seen that to be honest.

  13. The Archiver says:

    Do you still continue the relationship even though you’re with Angie? This isn’t a question regarding the fact you’re with Angie now, so much as if you are still on sexual terms with your sister, cause I’m curious if it was a happy memory or a closeness that you two still have.

    P.S. I thought your personalities fit nicely. ^^

  14. £Ø§Ð says:

    (Que Creepy Banjo Music.) Wanting to see the next instalment of the story.

  15. DarkMask says:

    Rick I’ve always been curious, although your tastes obvious lead to woman, you do seem more driven by beauty of a person than the availability of said person, I mean you grew that close to your own sister out a pure desire for her, at least it sounds, not just for a quick fling.

    Anyway, what I’ve been curious about. Do you classify yourself as strictly straight? Bisexual? Sexual in general? Are you completely opposed to the same gender, even if the person was exceptionally desirable like your sister? As I said I’m honestly just curious.

    • Rick says:

      I’m completely straight.
      I kissed a guy once (Joel) and it did absolutely nothing for me. Guys simply are not attractive.

      • Big Red Pharaoh says:

        Do you have any particular views on homosexuality, if I may ask?

        My guess is that you’re probably mellow towards it, but I’m still curious.

        • Rick says:

          Gays are fine by me, whatever. I was friends with some of the GSA in high school, Joel included, so I couldn’t be anything but okay with it.

  16. Busterdrag says:

    Joel’s right. Things like that happen often nowadays, with all this divorcing shit happening more often.

  17. Duke says:

    It sounds like a wonderful thing, Rick. I’ve often admired the beauty of my older sisters, though nothing incestuous has ever happened. I doubt it ever would. However, that sort of thing is more frowned upon in human culture…very taboo. I just hope you two are careful and don’t wind up hurting each other. Kate definitely seems to have some sharp edges, but I suppose everyone does. At least you’re both adults; children are very susceptible to mental trauma, even if it seems like love at the time. I suppose that’s the main reason I frown on pedophilia.

  18. Nicholas says:

    Rick, you need to be careful with the advice from Joel that true morals come from the individual. I agree that the highest form of morality comes from an internal sense of what is just and right, but an individual can easily be swade by emotions and misjudge a moral decision. I remember in particular a situation where I would have done exactly what I thought was right (at the time), but was stopped by a dear friend. Now, I am very thankful and regret some of the means things I said and did to my dear friend.
    About Kate, I would advise caution. This is not any kind of judgement, just advice. She is part of your family and will be with you the rest of your life. You may not want romantic feelings with her later, espeically if you have a girlfriend or are married, but she may still have feelings for you. In essense though, if both of you are mature and safe, then you have my trust.

    Sincerely, Nicholas

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  20. Lythar says:

    See, the thing for me is, I’m not actually related to either of my sisters because I’m adopted. So if I were to, say, have sex with her, it’s only incest under a legality, not by blood. Of course, me being adopted, any woman could be related to me by blood.

    And of course, with how diverse some family trees are, it’s possible that you’re related to someone, and have no idea about it, which makes it fine, but the moment you find out, GOD FORBID YOU HAVE SEX WITH THEM. *waves arms vaguely making “Ooga-booga-booga” noises*

    I just find it a bit of a Catch-22, is all.