Brother/Sister (part 1)


So, there she stood. Short camo skirt barely covering her smooth, furred thighs. A tight, black t-shirt with “The Beatles” clinging to her full, firm breasts, her soft-colored midriff exposed. Her shiny, golden-yellow hair almost reached the base of her tail, which coiled loosely around her slender legs, the tip twitching slightly. Her hands were on her hips which curved out so beautifully.

Don’t tell my girlfriend this, but my sister was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Kate returned to my life the summer before Freshman year of high school, for me. She was two years older, but her grades had sucked, so she was only one year ahead of me.
Before this, I had not seen her in person for more than three years. My mother had left my father, and she took Kate with her. They went West, to California. She sent me a few letters with photos from Hollywood. She told me she was happy out there, even though her grades were slipping, and even though mom certainly was anything but happy.
Kate surprised my father and I with news that my mom had been admitted to a mental hospital. Apparently it happened at work, she flipped and pushed a secretary down some stairs. Dad said he knew mom was going crazy, and said that it was part of the reason why they got divorced, but I guess he expected her to get better over there in California.

So without Mom there to take care of her, Kate was suddenly back in my life after three years of absense. She had grown, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
Dad showed her around the house. Not necessarily a house so much as it was part of a condo. We had lived in a house when Dad was in his second marriage. He got married about a year after Mom left him, and we moved into her big, fancy house. It didn’t last though, didn’t last more than a year before we left that house too.
So, Dad showed her around the house before getting pizza for dinner. We watched… Aliens, I think, and got to know each other. I hadn’t realized, until then, just how much I had been missing her those past years. She was a beautiful woman in every way. Her sarcastic wit was like a fine-tuned weapon, and it thrilled me. Our conversations got my heart racing.
It did not take long to catch up, and soon, it was as if we had been living together all along. We were so tight, playing video games, discussing Seinfeld, whatever.

After only a week, she had slipped into the normal routine of Summer Vacation life. We’d have breakfast together, we’d hang out, we’d smoke stuff together. Joel showed up out of the blue and the two got along great. I’m not sure, but I think Joel was almost hitting on her for a while, maybe just for fun. Now that I think about it, even Angie hit on her once.

Before we knew it, school started. She was a year ahead of me, like I said, but it was a new school for both of us. Although Kate was both physically and mentally stronger than I was, we liked to play that she was the weaker one, with me standing up for her and fending off all the guys that hit on her, and trust me, a lot of guys hit on her. To her, it was mostly a game, but to me, I was defending in earnest a woman I wanted to keep in my life – I had just got her back, and I did not plan on letting any guy take her away from me again. With my freinds, though, it did remain as a game. Joel would flirt, and I’d hit him. Angie would flirt, and I’d give her a shove. But it wasn’t long before I began to flirt. I did so as a joke at first, but with no one – not even her – truely stopping me, the flirtation became more and more honest as time went on. The other guys assumed we were just playing and that we were really close to allow such jokes, but it was no longer a joke to me. I had lost the slightest hint of control of myself, in that regard, and part of me had forgotten that this was, indeed, my sister.

Joel told me once that this is natural for siblings who havn’t seen each other for a while, and that a lot of incestual thoguhts occur when siblings reunite as adults. He assured me to not worry, but to just keep it calm.
But it was hard to keep calm when Kate was slowly warming up to my quiet approaches. I swear to you, she saw my flirting from day one, and seemed to be prepared to take it wherever it lead.

And take it she did.

To be continued.


  1. QuetzaDrake says:

    Oooh, interesting. We finally get a peek into the implied incestuous relationship of you two.

    It really is kinda weird how… everyone seems to be into Kate. Hell, I’m pretty damn enamored myself. >.o

    Can’t wait to read part twooooo.

  2. kittyhawk says:

    sexy, so sexy =D

  3. Shaloxeroligon says:

    …I’m not into Kate… *hides*

  4. Big Red Pharaoh says:

    Truly, this story takes me to the peak of ecstasy and leaves me….

    My god, your poor head musta been spinning around like in The Exorcist or something, Rick.
    Can’t say I would’ve acted any differently.
    Maybe this is another chapter altogether, but in the 3 years she was gone, were you able to adjust, or did it feel like half of you was missing or some such?
    It couldn’t have been easy for you…

    • Rick says:

      It hurt more the longer she was away, but the letters made it bearable. I had finally totally gotten over it by the time she returned.

      • Big Red Pharaoh says:

        In this day and age, you’re lucky to have had a sis who wrote letters. That’s very cool.

  5. Kale says:

    Rick… go for it, if it makes you happy. But, try to get that self control back. Going into any situation such as this uncontrolled is a poor choice.

  6. lunarkeidran says:

    D: *speechless*

  7. DarkMask says:

    Its hard to know where I stand with this. On the one hand I’ve always been a firm believer of love and passion regardless of its source . . . well, except pedophilia of course. And anybody appearing on Jerry Springer (oh god, please don’t go on Jerry Srpinger . . . is that show even still on?) But other than that, whatever happens between two consentual, intellegent adults, whether siblings, same gender, different species, is perfectly fine and usually leads to a lot of passion from the effort it takes to make it work (or the effort burns them out and then it wasn’t more than a flickering desire anyways)

    On the other hand though, you wouldn’t want to actually breed would you? That genetics thing can be a kick in the ass. (although despite horror stories of gross mutiliation and retardation I have never actually read into what really happens in situations of two people from the same family blood line reproducing . . . is what I’ve heard just urban legend or fact?)

    By the way Rick, I think you’re cute. *raccoons boy bats at a ringtail!* Weeee!

  8. An Cat Dubh says:

    Poor bloke. Having a sister like that. She doesn’t appear to be a very moral person (fuck, she’s a PÆDOPHILE!). Wouldn’t want such a person around me, let alone fall in love with one. I dislike her, even though she has the same name as one of my most cherished friends. (But at least you have a foreskin, so you could at least benefit as much as possible from the situation!)
    Say, I have no intentions of sounding racist, but is incest more common among Furries? I know feral animals practice it (I’ve seen my late hamsters practice it often), and you’re part animal, so…
    And Seinfeld is great.

  9. Big Red Pharaoh says:


    How have things gone since then?
    Has it been smooth sailing for you two ever since?

    Seems like you get along a-ok. Certainly better than many sets of siblings do.

  10. Wolf Nanaki says:

    Really interesting stuff here, dude. Thanks for sharing. ^^

    lol “take it she did”. I love that. :P

    BTW, I stole your Wii.

  11. Kris says:

    well me and my bro have to get along a little better but were both buddy buddy most of the time. like you troubles will happen with time. Also I hope that you two can stay peacefully.

  12. Xasxz says:

    Rick you sexy bitch, you spelt “freinds”, “thoguhts” and “havn’t” wrong.

    “And take it she did.” I like the sound of that ;)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Fuck dude. Fuck. Dude.

  14. Rooster says:

    Heeeeeeeeey Rick. Lemurs rock. Nuff said.

  15. Fuck Buddy says:

    Well, that’s was really awesome… Thanx! Hope for continuation of matter.

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  17. Kaitou says:

    How was the sex??