Butterfly FX

A lot of spiritualists would have a lot to say about the human soul and it’s relation to animal spirits. There is the theory that many humans have natural affinity towards certain animals – totem spirits. They feel connected to them, and can relate to them. Perhaps they feel as if they have the spirit of the animal protecting them. Some feel that they have the spirits of their animal inside them.

But what could be said about furry souls? Seems strange that this would apply to furries, who are a lot closer to the animals then humans are.
If humans relate to animals – creatures slightly “lower” than themselves on the spiritual or evolutionary ladder – then maybe it can be said that furries have to go another step downward, and that their totem spirits would take insect form.

The stigma of being scared or grossed out by bugs is not as common with furries as it is with humans. Rather, some furries feel a closeness and deep appreciation towards the arthropods. And, commonly, they will feel a very strong attraction towards one kind.

For Joel Calley, it has always been butterflies, and for his brother Julian, it’s moths. For Artie, it’s wasps. They are calmed, or perhaps elated, when they come in contact with one. As children, they would be intensely curious when they found one – watching it move and fly, studying how it lives. Furries who are at all artistically inclined usually find themselves drawn to art featuring their totem creature.

The spiritual difference is that they would not be accompanied by a singular animal totem, like a human would, nor would their spirit take arthropod form. Rather, it is said that their auras seem to swarm, and break apart into pieces which take the form of their totem creature. You can see this at the end of the Metastatis p3 arc, where Joel’s and Artie’s energies are manifested in bug form.


  1. QuetzaDrake says:

    Ah, interesting… Makes a lot of sense when you think about it. When you go back in the archives, you do see a lot of butterfly-related stuff going on with Joel (i.e. the picture he was drawing with Chelsie, the butterflies during his coke episode, perhaps even the tattoo on Valae’s back).

    Julian… hah, that’s the first time you’ve named him… Julian having moths also makes sense since I know for a fact both you and Joel are terrified of them.

    Artie I guess doesn’t make sense since I don’t recall there being any wasps in Artie’s past… though I don’t really recall paying any attention about it, plus there’s the fact Artie had no idea about his spiritual power. *shrug*

    Nice explanation and concept.

  2. Shaloxeroligon says:

    Fascinating stuff. I like the way you’ve developed your mythos, Mr. Immelmann.

  3. pacmanjames says:

    well being a friend to a aboriginal family up here in the west I have a general knowledge of this very such spiritual beliefs and I have to add it that fascinates me……. especially the crow I have all ways found the crow to be a mysterious and wise creacher.

  4. Huh…very interesting stuff Immelmann

  5. pacmanjames says:

    oh ya…. I love how you use this in the comic

  6. Javlon says:

    Ah, I see. That’s why I like butterflies.

  7. Ginto Ookami says:

    Wow…I never thought of it that way. That explains my fascination with beatles. Looking into this theory, I’ve become intrigued. Immelmann, thanks for this new thread of thoughts. This’ll keep my mind occupied for a while.

  8. An Cat Dubh says:

    Makes me think about ‘Lovless’… Anyway, interesting stuff.

  9. Salem Jansen says:

    Hmm… This might explain my intrigue in “Red Jacket” bees…
    Very interesting research, you have made me happy.

  10. ferretlady says:

    I love damselflies. I can’t see one without being taken to a better place.

  11. Joyce says:

    This would be a good one for Matt:
    Ladybugs represent all things positive. In reality, the bugs are actually helpful because they eat unwanted bugs without causing us any harm.
    The luckiest and most welcome bug in the world is commonly discussed as the ladybug.
    There are various beliefs and superstitions that discuss the many types of luck the ladybug has to offer. Among the sick, the ladybug will heal. If a ladybug is found on your person, it means tons of luck is coming your way, and the redder the bug, the more luck is sent. On the contrast, if you kill a ladybug, bad luck and illness is supposed to follow. So next time you try to kill a bug, make sure it’s not a ladybug!
    Among some Native American tribes, the ladybug symbolizes delight, trust, and wishes. The number of spots on the ladybug would represent how many days will pass before your wish comes true.
    While in other cultures, the ladybug is said to bring good luck from the Love Goddess. In this theory, the number of spots will represent the number of “love” prospects that are in the works. Sometimes the bug also symbolizes good fortune or good weather.
    If you can believe all of the folklore that ladybugs bring, next time you are in the presence of a ladybug, good fortune, good luck in love, good weather, and good health are some of the things you have to look forward to.

  12. Rain The Foxboi says:

    Well, I believe that human, with very few exceptions, are not animals. I feel we’re more like a virus. I know, old Matrix cliche, but Agent Smith was right. What other living being has our habits? Only a virus. No animals go into nature and destroy it; they live WITH and are PART of it. We haven’t evolved, and there is no such thing as ‘civilization.’ Only the illusion thereof. We think that just because we have apposable thumbs (i know, i misspelled it, I’m tired) that we’re ‘better’ than other ‘animals.’ Personally, I think that we’re lower than the sludge at the bottom of the ocean, especially Americans (and, yes, I am one), and we’ve got a LOOOONG way to go to be ‘civilized.’ to wrap up the rant, listen to George Carlin. God rest his soul, we could learn a few things from his wisdom.

  13. Arthropods says:

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  14. e_voyager says:

    wow very interesting and insightful. i’d noticed the insect forms when they battled and all but i though of it as reflecting there natures not their totem spirits.

  15. odin says:

    That explains why I’m the only person I know who does’nt freak out around bees.I like them. A lot.

  16. 10110insanerobot011001 says:

    What about self-aware robots? What, are you racist or something?

    Just kidding, robots don’t even have spirits. I don’t even believe in spirits. Then again.. . WHAT THE HELL IS ENERGY MADE OUT OF?

    • Immelmann says:

      There is no substance called “energy”. The word energy usually describes force exerted by a system. More viscerally, energy usually takes the form of light (photons), heat (vibration of matter), or electricity (a flow or discharge of electrons).

  17. Dragonsaia says:

    Huh. Even after a couple years, this still gets me thinking. Thanks again Immy.

  18. Rakaziel says:

    Very interesting idea, and it makes sense.

  19. furrie fury says:

    Dragon flies are so cool!

  20. furrie fury says:

    my image is not showing up

  21. Here’s a fun thought; if Joel’s totem is butterflies, (which are awesome, they give that sort of blissful despair ideal I love about him,) and Artie’s is wasps, then what is Matt’s? He showed spiritual/psychic potential, as well, so what would his be represented by?