Artie’s Wedding

by JOEL.
This story takes place between Concession #373 and #374 – after the comic ends, but before the preview of the future.

I must admit I have never snuck into a wedding before. Frat house parties, sure. No challenge there. Secret business meetings, yes, on rare occasions. Shitty music at those things. Once, I snuck into a bar mitzvah, which was shockingly difficult.

The main difference is that in almost all cases of me sneaking into a group setting, I am a relative unknown. Artie’s wedding, however, was different – these were my friends. They could practically recognize me by smell; and Artie was on the look out for me.

It was cute, in a way. Artie literally gave the ushers photos of me to make sure they didn’t accidentally let me in. Of course, Rick was one of the ushers, so one has to question the breadth of Artie’s planning. Still, Rick or not, I couldn’t just walk in, so I decided to go with a disguise.

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It’s a bit ugly at the moment, but the blog is finally back up.

It’s been a long time since I posted in this, and it spent most of that time completely down, but I hope to actually use it on semi-regular intervals.

The comments on previous entries are still there, although the avatars for comments by the Concession characters may not match who’s actually speaking.

To re-introduce you all to this: This is a blog in which Concession characters write, in-character, stories about their life. They will even reply to your comments, assuming your comments aren’t stupid.

More Hot Skunk-on-Pangolin Action

This story contains rather adult situations.

So, in my last entry, Nicole had took me on a “date”, as it were, and it ended with the two of us naked. Did I mention we were naked on Joel’s bed? That wasn’t a first for either of us, mind you.

We, Nicole and I that is, spent the next few days IMing and texting, gay stuff like that. It rather quickly devolved into dirty photos from cellphone to cellphone, eventually graduating to a steamy evening with Nicole’s webcam while Joel was out… doing… something. Or someone? I didn’t ask.

Weekends are pretty tame around campus, so I was thrilled to be invited over Nicole’s house for a small party. I usually hate parties – loud, lots of strangers – but it wound up being a very relaxed affair. I met Cecil, friendly cheetah boy who spent the whole party shirtless. There was the bat, Anthony… seemed like he was trying too hard, but I suppose he was nice. There was also Kevin, a snow leopard, who is a friend of Matt’s actually. Seemed like a great guy, really laid back.

Nicole was there of course. He kept close to me for most of the end of the party, started getting kinda cuddly. The party filted down to just him, me, and Cecil, who was going to stay the night (apparently he did that a lot). The poor thing was tired, and as the three of us were on the couch watching TV, he soon fell asleep. Nicole wrapped a blanket around him and invited me to his room.

He said good night to his father as we passed by his room, where he was doing… something… businessmanlike. The way Mr. O’Connor looked at us, and the way Nicole was clung to my arm like an excited child… I knew, that he knew just what was going on.

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Hot Skunk-on-Pangolin Action

This story contains mature themes.

Now obviously I already knew Nicole. Living in a dorm with Joel, I had no choice but to become very familiar with the crazy-haired skunk. After a while it seemed like he’d be skanking up the place every single weekend.

At first? I didn’t like him, and I hope some of you can understand why. I had never met someone so… exuberant in his mannerisms. So unapologetically flamboyant. And I don’t say these things in any way homophobic or as a judge of his character… I just thought he was annoying.

But! He grew on me. We started talking, we played video games together, we… may or may not have been in a threesome with Joel once or twice… And I started to consider him a friend.

And so now, maybe a year or more after meeting him, I guess it’s official that Nicole and I are dating.

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By JOEL. This post occurs after comic #210.

This was normally the only day of the week that I did not eat with Roland, so I was inwardly thankful that I had Samantha to join me. She sat across from me, and between us sat this vile opponent, a vegan burger, with some sort of soy-based cheese and… well the lettuce was regular lettuce.

I think it goes without saying that Samantha’s cardinal feature was her vocal environmentalism and other hippy stuff, but I was downright thrilled to find that she had more pedestrian interests, mainly console gaming. The argument soon elevated into a debate about how good or bad Sonic Unleashed is. It’s terrible, by the way, although certain hippies seem to disagree.

The burger actually was not bad at all, though to be honest, the idea that the meal had never suffered a day in its non-life gave it a rather mundane aftertaste. Still, not an awful meal. We stood, and she invited me to her apartment just off-campus.

Now, you humans don’t quite have the sense of smell that some of us furbags have, so let me tell you that it really makes the flirting game a lot easier. This not to say that Samantha was fragrant, but the faint smell in the air, plus the look in her eyes, gave me a clue as to the breadth of her invitation.

Damn. A few months prior and I could have been within the sanctuary of a clean, healthy, and (surely) secretly voracious rabbit. I’ve always had a thing for rabbits. Such energetic partners, they made, and there’s something about that useless poof of a tail that just seems inviting.

But. I had to decline. I had a feline waiting for me in my own room. Samantha did give me her screen name, though. I figured it’d be good to have a hippy to call on. Know thy enemies, etc.

And waiting, he was. I found Matt on my bed when I entered my dorm room, and beside him was Roland, who was trying helplessly to teach Matt the intricacies of Gears of War. The poor idiot. He was more-than-eager to latch himself onto my arm and relinquish the controller, allowing me to put Roland in his place.

A Blog about Rick and Joel Kissing

Okay guys, Rick told me to blog about that one time he and Joel kissed. It’s not a long story, but it has pictures!

So it was a party at Ricks house. That’s where we always had parties. It was me, Rick, Joel, Chloe, Jane, and Diane.

That’s Chloe on the left, the bat. She was dating Joel at the time. Next to her is Jane the tanuki, Chloe’s friend. In the background is Diane the Hyena. Diane was Joel’s friend from the school’s GSA.

That’s Joel and Rick having a sword fight. I think they were fighting over the last Hot Pocket.

I don’t even know why we were having a party. It’s not like it was an official thing, it just sorta happened. I was at Rick’s house, Joel showed up, and Chloe found out so she dragged the two girls with her. Those were the good kinds of parties.

Hehehe. Chloe somehow tied up Joel to a chair and left him there.

Anyways, Chloe made a bet with Rick that he coudln’t make it onto the roof without a ladder. I forget why. They must’ve been arguing about something stupid. Anyways, if he made it up there, she’d kiss Diane in front of him, and if he coudln’t make it, he’d hafta kiss Joel. Win-win for Chloe I think, but we all know Rick had a huge things for lesbians so he had to give in.

C’mon, do it!


Brother/Sister (Part 3)


In the last part of the story, I told you about Kate and mine’s first time together. That was my first time spent with a girl. Kate had already lost her virginity to someone out in California.

We spent nights together on an almost weekly basis for a long time after that point. It wasn’t long before it became business-as-usual, with neither of us thinking much of it, except for how great it was. We of course kept it a secret. We were good at that, too, as we both were trained at hiding things.

The first person to find out – and, at this point, one of only two people to ever find out – was Joel, no big surprise there. I don’t know how he knew. He must’ve smelled something, or caught on to our body language, or hell, maybe he can read minds. But he suddenly, in the middle of us watching a movie, blurted out, “are you having relations with your sister?”

After a quick moment of shock, I tried to lie to him, fumbling my way around a denial and an excuse, but he would have no part of it. I locked the door (despite no one else being home) and confessed, giving him a very breif version of what I’ve already told you all.

I could tell that he was hiding discust, but he was otherwise somewhat cool about it. I assured him we always used protection, and that it was consentual, and such… I believe he used the word “deplorable”, but he also said that he wasn’t in the position to judge me.

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Brother/Sister (Part 2)


All right, so where was I?

Oh right. Well, let me talk about Angie first.
She was Joel’s friend first. Maybe I’ll make him tell their story first. I know that they were at the point where they had almost dated, and they had sex a couple of times, so when I thought to ask Angie out, I needed to clear it with Joel first. He didn’t mind of course, and thought that we’d work well together.
Angie obviously wasn’t a virgin when I got to her, which did not bother me. She asked if I was a virgin, and I had to lie. Not about being a virgin, but about who my first time was.

I lost my virginity to my sister, the day after Freshman year had ended.

This story contains mature content. Please do not read further if you are not of legal, mature age.

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Brother/Sister (part 1)


So, there she stood. Short camo skirt barely covering her smooth, furred thighs. A tight, black t-shirt with “The Beatles” clinging to her full, firm breasts, her soft-colored midriff exposed. Her shiny, golden-yellow hair almost reached the base of her tail, which coiled loosely around her slender legs, the tip twitching slightly. Her hands were on her hips which curved out so beautifully.

Don’t tell my girlfriend this, but my sister was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

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Butterfly FX

A lot of spiritualists would have a lot to say about the human soul and it’s relation to animal spirits. There is the theory that many humans have natural affinity towards certain animals – totem spirits. They feel connected to them, and can relate to them. Perhaps they feel as if they have the spirit of the animal protecting them. Some feel that they have the spirits of their animal inside them.

But what could be said about furry souls? Seems strange that this would apply to furries, who are a lot closer to the animals then humans are.
If humans relate to animals – creatures slightly “lower” than themselves on the spiritual or evolutionary ladder – then maybe it can be said that furries have to go another step downward, and that their totem spirits would take insect form.

The stigma of being scared or grossed out by bugs is not as common with furries as it is with humans. Rather, some furries feel a closeness and deep appreciation towards the arthropods. And, commonly, they will feel a very strong attraction towards one kind.

For Joel Calley, it has always been butterflies, and for his brother Julian, it’s moths. For Artie, it’s wasps. They are calmed, or perhaps elated, when they come in contact with one. As children, they would be intensely curious when they found one – watching it move and fly, studying how it lives. Furries who are at all artistically inclined usually find themselves drawn to art featuring their totem creature.

The spiritual difference is that they would not be accompanied by a singular animal totem, like a human would, nor would their spirit take arthropod form. Rather, it is said that their auras seem to swarm, and break apart into pieces which take the form of their totem creature. You can see this at the end of the Metastatis p3 arc, where Joel’s and Artie’s energies are manifested in bug form.